July 29, 2019

Don't Lose Your Company's Heritage On The Web

Shap Gy

The Internet lost the very webpage every created. Is your website next?

Are your ready to lose you hard work?

Your website is the most important document your company has on the web. It shows your progress over the years. What your company is currently working on. Its shows your journey over the past years. Are you sure you want this hard work to be deleted? All the hard work you have put into it. All the hard work that your employees have put into it.

Even importantly, for businesses, starting an archive is an critial aspect to preserving your raw intellectual capital that the design & content of your website represents.

Think of your site in terms of the investment it has absorbed. No matter what its stage of development, it represents the output of some bloody hard work. Do you really want this to be deleted?



You’re in charge of retaining records of your organization’s online properties. You must understand that proper website archiving not only makes good business sense but is also, in many cases, a legal and regulatory requirement that might come to haunt you down the road.

Let's assume that an infringement, intellectual property, or misappropriation case of some sort. Or you are suing someone else for infringement of some kind. You are probably going to have to produce web content to defend yourself. Or, if you are the plaintiff, you will need to capture the other party’s web content for litigation to prove your case.

Content Protrection

And again, it’s not just about meeting compliance requirements; it’s about protecting your content, too. With our web archiving tools, you will have peace of mind, we keep your business protected against false claims, intellectual property theft, and against information audits or freedom of information requests.

At the end of it, just make sure you have everything recorded in your archives so that your company is full proof of all the legal and regulatory requirements.