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Why Capture Regular Screenshots?


Track Competitors

For Managers
Keep your team informed about every move your competitors make.

Watch Trends

For Strategists
Follow new competitor promotions, design trends and new features.


For Compliance
Keep history of your company's online content as a archive for heritage.

Company Trends

For Managers
Keep track of your company's Alexa rankings, social-media follower count and other lists.

Track SEO

For Strategists
Keep an eye on your SERP Rankings and monitor all small or big changes in keywords.

Verify Ads

For Compliance
Publish Sponsored Content? Have a proof of your publication for verifications.




Everything your need to capture high-quality screenshots
High Quality Sceenshots
Capture high quality full page screenshots at full resolution at regular intervals.
Full Page Screenshtos
Capture full page screenshots or selected region above the fold at any viewport size (scroll image above ⇅).
Built-in Integrations
Get an email or sync your screenshots seemlessly with Dropbox, Google Drive, or Slack.
Public Links
Share your archived screenshots with public URLs at your disposal.
Team Ready
Permission control and an audit log allows you to share only specific pages with them!
API beta
Build and integrate external services with our REST API.

Your screenshots organized in one place

5 days free trial, 60 days money back guarantee!